PanPacific Investments

PanPacific Investments is the global leader in Securities Investing, with approximately $20 billion in combined assets under management and committed capital and a team of approximately 130 investment and operating professionals located around the world.

Dedicated to the thesis that the dynamism and rapid pace of innovation in global technology demand intensely focused domain expertise, PanPacific Investments devotes its full scope of talent and intellectual capital to the singular mission of investing in the world’s leading technology, technology-enabled and related growth businesses. Applying the strategic insights of an experienced industry participant, the operating skill of a world-class management team, and sophisticated investing and structuring capabilities, PanPacific Investments leverages the deep knowledge and expertise of a global team of consultants and analyst based in Silicon Valley, New York, London, Hong Kong and Japan.

“Renowned internationally as a principal counselor for hedge and pension funds, Pan Pacific Investments is the organization of choice for many of the world’s largest fund managers. Our attorneys help clients raise capital, achieve tax efficiency and meet regulatory requirements.”

PanPacific Investments IPO engages as a strategic market participant via large-scale investments in technology, commodity, alternative energies, IPO and related growth businesses.
PanPacific Investments Energy targets structured equity and debt investment opportunities in large-cap technology, technology-enabled and related growth businesses.
PanPacific Investments Equity offers flexible growth capital to later-stage private companies in the technology, technology-enabled and related growth industries.